Reflecting on 2020

Of course 2020 will be remembered as the year that stood still as we all  tried our best to combat Coronavirus.

This year normal life has been put on hold, especially during the main lockdown in the Spring and then again during the second lockdown in November.

We, like most families, have tried to make the most of things and have tried to adapt to our new found simple life by drawing inspiration and pleasure from nature.

Throughout the year we have been walking through Cawston Woods which is about one mile away from where we live.

And while we’ve been at a standstill Cawston Woods have been  constantly changing.

One great pleasure has been the realisation that, although our world has changed so much, our relationship with nature (and nature itself) has remained blissfully unaffected.

In fact, during the two lockdowns,  the periods where activity had been so severely limited , nature has been most active with the first lockdown covering Spring, and the second Autumn.

The magical display of bluebells during the Spring was a symbol of joy and hope during the first lockdown. The combination of the lime coloured leaves on the beech trees and the blue-violet wild flowers created a truly stunning natural display. Likewise, the colours and splendour during the November lockdown shows us that nature will always provide sights that continue to inspire.

Normally, nature remains constant while the world changes around us so fast. This year it has been different. We are the ones that have been standing still watching nature change.

We’ve put a short film together that illustrates this point. I hope you like it.

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