We decided to give a new hobby a try – songwriting!

It was not that easy to begin with, like any new creative idea it takes time, practice and patience to produce something you are happy with (lockdown has given us  more opportunity and space for this).

It started with us trying to come to grips with a bit of music theory as our teenage daughter is currently working towards a theory exam. It was the composition aspect  that interested us most. Initially we just tried to learn the main key signatures and their corresponding chords.

For support with this new project we became members of a UK based  songwriting guild   and then began coming up with a variety of lyric and melody ideas around the piano.  We also used the garage band app which gives access to a kind of home studio, and of course the odd You Tube tutorial.

We sent a few of our song ideas  in for  assessment  and then proceeded to have  some of these made into demos and/or manuscripts – other services offered through the guild. We have also used a local studio to produce some of the demos.

You can listen to our first few tracks here  via SoundCloud. We aim to complete and upload more  by the end of the year.

Below are links to a couple of  our YouTube lyric videos. You Paint Pictures (In My Mind) was  entered  into the 2020 UKSongwriting Contest  – it rated as a 4 star ‘commended entry’ which we were delighted with.

We are going to continue to write songs this year, explore  different styles of music and generally learn more about the art of songwriting…


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