During the long winter months we look forward to that key time when the equinox signifies the end of those cold, dark nights and the beginning of spring.

For some, the beginning of Spring is when the clocks go forward. For others it’s the Easter weekend. For me though, it has to be the Spring Equinox.

This is when night and day are equally in balance; half and half in perfect harmony.

After the Equinox the days grow longer and the dark hours of the night shorten.

It’s a special time, full of hope and optimism, and a sure sign that Spring is beginning.

I always think that, with the coming of Spring, it’s a great time to change my diet; especially for breakfast.

Gone are the hot, warming oats and fruits, our mainstay during winter.Instead, I opt for what I call my ‘spring’ granola, a lovely, cooling mix of nuts, and fruits that give us the energy needed for the excitement and dynamism of spring, and the changing of the seasons.

This is how I make granola…

To make a delicous granola simply mix together your choice of oats and/or crispy rice cereal with nuts and seeds that you like.

Before roasting in the oven you need to combine this with a warmed sweet mixture of olive oil with honey, brown sugar, agave or molasses to taste.

Roast in the oven until it is evenly roasted and then add your favourite dried fruits before storing.

Serve with fresh yoghurt, fresh fruit and honey.

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