Building up to Christmas …


We all know that Christmas is not just the day itself.

It really is a unique experience.

It’s partly a collective festival or celebration (whether you get into the religious stuff or not).  And in an era when so many people are pulling apart and failing to understand each other we  all share a similar experience and buy into what’s known as the ‘Christmas Spirit’.

And, it’s partly a private time, when each family follows and enjoys its own traditions and rituals, and does things together in a way which just doesn’t happen at other times of the year.

We certainly enjoy it.

This year we’ve already enjoyed making mince pies and wreaths. We took a trip to the theatre to see a family show, played Christmas carols on the piano, visited a Christmas tree festival and decorated our own.

There’s still a week to go, and I’m sure we’ll keep the spirit going right up to the big day itself.

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