We’ve been fans of London’s Borough Market for a good few years.

It’s always been the place to go for real top end, high quality food.

Tucked underneath the railway bridge next to Southwark Cathedral, near London Bridge it’s a major tourist attraction.

Last year it hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, as it was the site of a particularly nasty act of terror.

We did wonder whether it would ever really recover.

But a recent early morning visit there, proved our fears wrong.

The market was as busy and bustling as ever, with all sorts of gastronomic specialities and delicacies on offer. It really was great to be there.

There  is a such a positive vibe with so many different types of people united by their love of good food.

This time we particularly liked Mini Magoos, a new stall to us, offering home made organic muesli and cereals. We just loved the ginger granola.

We cruised around Spice Mountain, one of our favourite spiceries and poked our nose into Neal’s Yard Dairy, one of London’s finest and most famous cheese shops.

We couldn’t resist a trip to  Rabot 1745  which offer around eight different types of hot chocolate… it  doesn’t matter which one you go for. They are all absolutely divine.

We did not hang around that long afterwards. It was getting pretty busy.

Borough Market really has bounced back.


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