You see candles in all manner of containers, from tea cups to plant pots to old jam jars or fancy tins.

This Autumn we thought we’d better get seasonal.

So, we decided to make some candles  in small pumpkins and infuse them with pumpkin oil.

It was a fun and surprisingly easy activity … just right for Autumn.

These candles should last about a week or so.

This is what we did;

Once you have selected your mini pumpkins or squashes  scoop out the flesh from inside (we used an ice cream scoop for this).


pumpkin candles
 Once the flesh is scooped out, secure a wick to the centre and hold in place (we used a skewer for this).


Pumpkin candles
Then melt the soy wax flakes in a double boiler. You will need twice the volume of the dried wax flakes. If you want to add a fragrance (we added pumpkin oil) do this once the wax has all melted.


pumpkin candles
Then pour the melted wax into the pumpkin shells.


Pumpkin candles
Once set, cut the wicks using scissors.


pumpkin candles
You can also melt candle dye (or use grated old candles) to add colour.


pumpkin candles
We made a few candles with beeswax too for  a lovely honey fragrance.

We bought the soy wax and wicks from Hobbycraft.

The pumpkin nectarine fragrance oil  I used was one I had from The Body Shop.

I don’t think they still stock these but you may be able to find a similar fragrance oil.

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