We’ve bought a variety of spring bulbs from the supermarket  today and thought we would give ‘lasagne planting’ a try.

Lasagne planting is a technique  where you plant bulbs at different depths between layers of compost to ensure a longer lasting display.

Example of layered ‘lasagne’ planting

The larger, later flowering bulbs such as tulips  are placed deepest  with the smaller, earlier flowering bulbs  such as snowdrops  planted closer to the top.

You can top the arrangement with grit or we placed winter bedding plants such as violas and silver leaf to give colour over the winter before the bulbs emerge.

We’ve  filled a few pots using several different ‘plant recipes’  and colour combinations. We’ve included tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinth, snowdrops, bluebells, iris and  aliums.

We’ve  also used this method to plant daffodils, snowdrops and wood anemone under our apple tree and topped it with grass seed.

Can’t wait for Spring!

You need;

a pot or container of your choice with good drainage

2-3 packets of bulbs of your choice


stones or broken pieces of crockery to assist drainage

grit or bedding plants for the top layer

This is what you do

Fill the bottom with broken pieces of pots, stones or grit for drainage
then add a layer of compost
Add the the latest flowering bulbs
Add another layer of compost
Then add earlier flowering bulbs
If you are adding a third layer, repeat the process and  then top with grit or winter flowering bedding plants.

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