Bunting is very simple  to make and  will always brighten up any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Now that the weather has cheered up a little we’ve been making some for our  garden and also to take along to any camping trips we may do later in the year.

Watch this clip to see how we have made our simple  bunting …


All you need to make  simple bunting is:

  • a selection of fabric – we chose quite flimsy cotton material, but you can use anything from denim to  paper

  • a template of your choice – we used a simple rectangular shape

  • pinking shears ( scissors which cut with a zig-zag line). These aren’t essential but if you use these the fabric wont fray when it’s cut out
  • ribbon, lace  or cotton bias binding (available in a variety of sizes from haberdashers or stores such as Hobbycraft )
We dipped the binding tape into tea to give a more vintage look to the finished bunting
  • a sewing machine, needle and thread if hand stitching, or even glue can be used


  • When you’ve decided on the shape simply cut out a template in card.
  • Then draw around the template onto your fabric (we used soluble pens available from  Dunelm where the ink dissolves  soon after use), and cut out the material.
  • Then pin the material shapes  onto  ribbon or if you are using binding tape fold the  binding over the fabric and pin into place.


  • Space evenly.
  • Sew together, remembering to leave enough ribbon or tape on either side to tie.



See this demonstration to make the more traditional, classic bunting


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