If you’ve visited the high street store Lush you’ve probably noticed how little packaging is on display compared to other shops selling cosmetics.

On a recent visit I was particularly intrigued by their shampoo and lotion ‘bars’.

These are a relatively new concept where shampoo and moisturizers are sold in solid bar form rather than in the everyday bottles we have all become so accustomed to.

The friendly staff were happy to demonstrate the solid lotion bar to me which you simply rub onto damp skin and it acts as a moisturiser.

I looked into it and had a go at making some at home.  (There are loads of recipes out there enabling you to make your own lotion bars).

The recipe I’ve used is from Catherine Clark of the Honey Bee Beautiful Company after I attended a workshop with her at Compton Verney.

I used my own choice of oils (some lavender, some citronella) as I made my batch before a camping trip and these oils are known to be effective  insect repellents.


55g Sweet almond oil
55g Beeswax
55g Shea butter
7g Honey
1.5g Vitamin E
1.5g Sweet Orange essential Oil (or your own choice)
1.5g Rose Geranium Essential Oil


Melt oil, butter and wax. Add honey, Vit E and essential oils and whisk well before pouring into moulds. Do not pour last portion into moulds due to residue honey which will settle at the bottom.

For a demonstration video see here;

I have also written blogs on making lip balm and soap using recipes from these workshops.


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