My mum’s old french dresser always conjures up warm memories for me.

It was always the key feature of my parents’ kitchen. My Mum absolutely loved it.

The dresser was given to me a few years ago and – as our children have grown – it’s almost become one of the family.

It’s constantly in use.

It’s drawers and shelves are rammed full of the kind of stuff that keeps any family ticking over… stationery, sellotape, olds photos, school projects, recipes, books, toys, old postcards (in fact old anything) … you name it, it’s stored away in our dresser (somewhere!).

It’s always been plain pine. So, it was a big decision to give the dresser a makeover. We approached The Nest in Rugby to give it a bit of TLC and paint it.

We opted to go for an off-white finish using Frenchic paint, but keeping the handles and main surface paint-free.

The result is absolutely fantastic.

In this short film Robin from The Nest explains what he did to get such great results:


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