Life is strange.

The older you get the more you look back at the past.

What’s more, you look and see connections between what’s happening in your life now with what you did in years gone by.

One of the items that I’ve always cherished is a small pair of red shoes. They were my first ever proper shoes which my mum kept and then gave to me when I was much older.

Recently, my dad gave me a picture of me wearing those very same shoes (I can understand why I look a little uncomfortable wearing them in the picture. To this day they are incredibly stiff and inflexible).

I love the link between these two items.


I wanted to protect the shoes by making a bag for them. So, why not transfer the photo’s image onto the front of it using Image Maker? Image Maker is a product you can easily get hold of at craft and hobby shops. I used one made by Dylon.

This is how I did it:

1. First of all make a photocopy of the image you have chosen. Apply image maker  to the photocopy with a brush and then place the picture face down onto your chosen fabric. Use a roller to secure it in place.

2. Once it’s dry use a damp sponge to rub away the  paper.

3. Allow to dry and then add a little more image maker to seal the transfer.

You can see our demonstration on this short clip…



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