I have to confess I’m always a bit wary of the spa and therapy business in hotels.
Over the last ten years or so it’s gone massive. It seems every hotel on the planet now offers unique treatments and exclusive products and never-to-forget experiences.


I just can’t believe that they are all as good as they say, especially at the prices they charge.

So, with a bit of trepidation, weariness and fairly low expectations I booked myself in for a treatment at the Carbis Bay Hotel, in Cornwall, near St Ives.

I was on holiday, after all, and wanted a bit of pampering. So, why not?

I booked in for a ‘head in the clouds’ treatment  which was 45 minutes long  at a cost of  £60.00.

The treatment I had chosen was marketed as  “cleansing, clearing and decongesting” and included  a back, face and scalp massage  to help “clear the mind and support the immune system.”

My therapist was called Abbie, and she  has worked at this spa for a couple of years. As part of her work she has received training from Voya  and   Aromatheropy Associates  , the two products they use in treatments at the Spa.

It soon became clear that my initial misgivings were ill-founded. Abbie really knew what she was doing and the products were  good quailty. She used oils from the Aromatherapy Associates range, and good ones too (I could recognise  francincense – which never comes cheap – and then chamomile, perhaps the most calming essence ) … all good stuff.

I left the hotel feeling as if I’d had my money’s worth. I’d had a really positive experience that gave me a real sense of calm and wellbeing. Well trained staff, quality products and a very relaxing environment.

When I left and said my goodbyes, I certainly felt great. I did have my head in the clouds … at least for a while, anyway.

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