Most people go to yoga classes to get a bit of peace and quiet.

Well,  that’s just not possible with the Sun Power Yoga class I attend run by the wonderful Kailash Mistry   founder of  RAYS  (Rugby Area Yoga Society).

Of course, during the session you can hear a pin drop as everyone concentrates on their positions and movements, but as soon as there’s a break the chattering starts.

Recently, we were talking about health and nutrition, probiotics and all sorts of related issues.

I mentioned that I was interested in making Sourdough bread.

As quick as a flash, Julie piped up and said that I should get in touch with Paul Raddon of Rugby Real Bread.

Paul teaches baking courses at the Percival Guildhouse and has a stall in Rugby market each Friday.

So, off I went to track  Paul down and the secrets of his Sourdough.

I found him at his stall selling a range of what looked like delicious cakes, scones and breads.  His products were obviously in demand.  There were loads of people buzzing around the stall. I had to wait my turn in the queue before being served.

Alas, all his Sourdough had already been sold but he was happy to chat.

He said not many people  asked him how to make Sourdough but – as I asked – here were five of his top tips:



I‘ve subsequently given it a go.  It’s a slow process and one that takes a lot of perfecting. The results weren’t bad (my family were politely positive about it). It’s just that they weren’t that great either. The taste was passible but the texture was heavy and lacked that airy bounciness that all good bread should have.

So, the following week I went back to Paul and his market stall and bought a loaf.

That was much more like it … (and his spicy scones were pretty good too).

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary. Do I persevere trying to make the Sourdough, accepting the fact that it could take a good deal of time and effort before I see (and taste) any real improvement, or do I just turn up each Friday and give Paul £3.00 for one of his delicious loaves?

I’d like to think I’ll do the former. Then again, sometimes life is busy and time is short.  I can take the short cut and pay someone else to achieve immediate results.

This is particularly appealing as what’s on offer  at Paul’s market stall is of such high quality.

It’s just great to know that in a town like Rugby (which is not exactly known for its culinary excellence) there  are still people around who are committed to producing fresh food worth queuing for.

Nice work Paul.


  1. thanks for this, 4th cousin twice removed (or some such); I have been baking sourdough for some years and learn ALL the time, I simply love it and as you put it so well, receive polite likes from local tasters. We should get together and swap ideas–tell your dad

    John Nicklin

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