After attending the soap workshop at Compton Verney at the weekend with Catherine Clark of Honey Bee Beautiful I decided to do a bit of experimenting at home.

The first recipe I tried was making a lip balm.

All the ingredients were fairly easy to get hold of online or locally.

When making natural cosmetics it really pays to use the best quality ingredients you can find.

It really is very easy to do. You do not require any chemicals as you would if you were making soap.

It’s a perfect activity to do with the children over the school holidays.


ingredients …

56g sweet almond oil

10g cocoa butter

10g beeswax

3.5 honey

0.75 vitamin e

16 drops 1 % essential oils

old pots or tins with lids to fill


Melt oil, butter and wax. Add honey, vitamin E and any essential oils and pour into tins.

Do not pour the last portion into tins due to residue honey which will settle at the bottom.

See here for a demonstration …

See our instagram post for a more simple recipe …

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Feeling lippy? All you need to make your own luscious lip balm are these 3 ingredients. I don’t know what it is with the cold but in our family we all end up with dry, cracked and sore lips during the winter months. In past years we’ve gone out and kept Lypsyl and Vaseline in business, buying vast amounts of sticks and mini-tubs that we always seem to loose. This year we’ve opened up a new front in our battle against cracked lips. We’ve been making batches of our own lip balm. It’s cheap. Completely natural and it seems to be doing the trick. There are actually only two essential ingredients. Beeswax and oil… we used almond oil, but any liquid oil will do the job just as well. Use roughly the same amount of beeswax and oil. We also added a lovely new essential oil blend called ‘good mood ‘ discovered @sheafstreethealthstore to give it a fab fruity and zesty scent . We bought small blocks of beeswax from our local hardware store, Maddens on Hillmorton Road and almond oil from Vaghela a grocery store in Oxford Street, Rugby. We heated the beeswax and almond oil slowly (and carefully), added a few drops of essential oil and then poured it into small jars and containers to cool. Once cooled, it solidifies. If you want the balm to be quite firm use a higher ratio of beeswax. And if you want it more glossy use more oil. So, that’s all you have to do to keep your lips sealed this winter. It’s as easy as … #Lipbalm #simplerecipe #naturalskincare #naturecures #beeswax #almondoil #naturalselfcare #essentialoil #homecures

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