Who remembers potato printing when they were kids?

I certainly do.

The grown-up would cut the potato in two, creating a flat surface into which us kids would carve wonderful shapes.

We’d  dip these potatoes into trays of coloured paint and then print the shapes onto paper.

It took a few goes – a few potatoes – to get the hang of it, as the shapes printed were the reverse of the ones you’d gauged out of the potatoes.

It was great fun though.

There was something very tactile, direct and intimate about the whole process.

The printing blocks from The Arty Crafty place in Oxfordshire remind me of this, somehow.

They sell hand carved Indian  printing blocks and paints. The process is equally simple – and just as satisfying – but the results are far from childlike. They look really good.

They work both for the family activity market and for those who want to take things just a little bit more seriously.

Of course the prints work on paper.  They also look brilliant on a range of different products (which they also sell). These include bags, tea towels, aprons, scarves to name but a few.


designing our tea towels


Once washed, the  prints become permanent, allowing you to create great products.

The more adventurous can also make curtains and drapes.

We had great fun experimenting with these printing blocks and fabric paints.  I’m sure you will too.

It’s all very arty crafty! Click here to view their range.




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