We love this picture. It was taken by our good friend Chris during a recent camping trip to the New Forest.

The shot portrays just one fleeting moment when our daughter and her friend were mucking about on their bikes.

What we particularly like is that it seems to capture that spirit of friendship, loyalty and adventure that runs through childhood.

The camping trip itself was a big success. We survived a bit of dodgy weather and everyone – young and old – had a good time.

The two people who perhaps enjoyed themselves the most though, were our daughter and her friend.

They used to be neighbours and lived in and out of each other’s houses. We moved away and now they don’t get to see each other very often.

When they do meet up, though, it’s as if they’ve never been parted.

During the three days at Roundhill campsite near Brockenhurst they were inseparable. Everything was done together, and done with a joy and laughter that only happens when you are with people who are very special to you.

This was particularly so on a bike ride.

It wasn’t exactly a health and safety masterclass:  riding without helmets while eating crisps is not a particularly good idea.  In fact it was an accident waiting to happen as they cycled one handed while they passed the crisps back and forth to each other throughout  the duration of the ride.

At times they were wobbling about like jelly in an earthquake.

But they did not fall off. No harm was done. There was though, a lot of laughter.

They remained linked throughout their journey and turned eating a bag of cheese and onion crisps into quite a hilarious (and memorable) experience.

Chris’s photo  captured the moment. It’s a light-hearted and slightly comical image. At the same time, somehow, it seems poignant and touching. It captures a special bond between two children  and the simplicity and strength of their friendship.

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