Let’s be honest, everyone loves seeing their children perform.

It’s hard not to gush and goo. It’s just a great feeling when all that practice and nervous energy comes together and they get up there in front of a crowd.

It’s wonderful.

Our daughter was performing today as part of the Bilton Silver Training Band on Brighton Pier, no less.

She absolutely loved it.

But the real star of the show, was not our child or anyone else’s. It was the whole band … in fact it was more than that. It was the whole day.



The Bilton Silver Training Band is made up of kids aged 6 to 16, playing a range of different brass instruments (to a range of different abilities), plus a few mums and dads helping out.

They played upbeat numbers and favourites such as I’m gonna be  (I would walk 500 miles) by the Proclaimers, the Disney classic, The bare necessities, Zambesi and then finished off with the circus/carnival music  Big top.

Together they make an awesome sound.

What was so special about the band, and their performance in Brighton, was that it was completely free and organised entirely by volunteers.  The driving forces were Diane Fisher, and her daughter Jodie.

Jodie  simply asked at the Pier if her children’s band could perform. It was a simple question, and it got a simple answer:  Yes!

For the last year the band has been looking forward to the big day.  The children practice every Friday evening. They have even done a few concerts locally here and there, to build confidence and experience.

A coach was booked, and paid for by money raised over the year.

All we had to do was turn up outside the band room at 7.00 am and jump on board.

Brighton is such as great place to visit on a warm summer’s afternoon. A lot of seaside towns have seen better days. But Brighton is buzzing.  It feels like such  a youthful and vibrant place, even though it still retains its timeles, traditional  seaside charm.

The band played for about an hour. All the children were amazing. They really rose to the occasion playing to day-trippers, holiday makers and passers by who obviously appreciated what they were hearing by donating £250.

The value of the day though could not be measured.  A real confidence boost for the children, an amazing experience and a truly memorable day out by the sea.  It was a great community event made possible by a bit of ‘get up and go’ and a lot of sheer hard work and organisation by Di and Jodie. Great work!


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