Gone in an instant … building a house of cards.

At a recently family gathering, our daughter was getting  a touch bored whilst  waiting for the food to arrive.

We were all sitting around the table at a nearby restaurant when she draws a pack of cards from her bag … she then began to build a house of cards.

As the house began to grow her methodical approach and steady hands began to draw attention.

Diners on other tables soon began to look in. And as the house began to rise, even the waiters made approving comments.

It was captivating. They all knew how easily one misplaced card would send the whole edifice crashing down.

It was quite absorbing. Perhaps this was because most of the onlookers admired her steady hands – it’s one facet or skill that children are often better at than their parents.

It was also because everyone knew the moment would not last. The existence of the house of cards was always only going to be temporary and fleeting.

And then the house just collapsed. It was gone.

Everyone went back to their food or their adult conversations, as if unaffected. The cards were cleared from our table and the food soon arrived.

For just a while, a room full of distracted people were brought together by their focus on this child’s activity.

In life you have to enjoy the moment and appreciate what’s around you as – like the house of cards – it may be gone in an instant.

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