What’s going in this picture…



Practising my underwater OK sign?

Preparing my hand position or “mudra” for yoga and meditation?

Experimenting with new shadow puppets to impress my daughter?

Or displaying a horrible looking verucca-like wart on the inside of my index finger?

Well, it’s none them.

Over the last few months I’ve been visiting a wonderful acupuncturist at  Neal’s Yard  in Leamington Spa.

She’s called Hannah Bain .

I always thought that acupuncture was just about placing needles in different parts of your body.

With Hannah  it’s much more than that. She addresses any immediate concerns you have but also works towards long-term health goals.

At the beginning of each session we check in by discussing any issues and then Hannah  places tiny  magnets or sometimes rings on my fingers and then asks me to close my thumb and first finger as tightly as possible, as shown in the picture above.

She then tries to pull them apart, while I resist. Sometimes I can do this and sometimes it becomes simply impossible.  It all depends on where those tiny magnets are.

At first it all seems a bit strange. The position of the magnets on my hands link to different parts of my body. If that part of me is weak then I’m unable to keep my finger and thumb together as she tries to pull them apart.

She then addresses this imbalance or weakness by inserting acupuncture needles. She makes changes and adjustments to the needle position and knows she’s got it right when she’s unable to pull my finger and thumb apart.

We are so used to ‘normal’ western medicine that it’s hard to get your head around what’s going on. The finger pulling exercise with the magnets is like a body MOT, indicating the areas where you are strong and weak. The needles then improve and restore the health and strengthen any problem areas.

This simple exercise clearly demonstrates that the discipline of acupuncture can have powerful and immediate effects.

Visiting Hannah has addressed specific issues and ailments. But, it’s not just a quick-fix though. It’s helped in the long run as well.

It’s been a really positive experience with some remarkable results and health benefits.



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