I remember it well. It was in Teddington, South West London in 1996.

I’m talking about my first yoga lesson.

It’s not the sort of thing that gets you hooked immediately. It’s more of a slow burner that slowly lures you in. You then realise that your life is just not the  same without it.

Twenty years later and I am still practising. I go to around three classes a week and I’m taught by some truly inspiring local teachers.

Yoga really is one of life’s greatest gifts and it will teach you, in time, to go beyond the ‘mind, body and breath’ and find peace within yourself and true self awareness.

One of my teachers sums it up by  saying …

no yoga, no peace,

know yoga, know peace.

I know it sounds like one of those naff ditties you see printied on mugs or on wall hangings but if you really want to find balance in life yoga is the best place to start.

This year I’ve finally progressed towards home practice and now have the luxury of a quiet yoga space in our attic. I’ve got some great books and bits of kit.

Recently I bought this  6ft round mat. It has to be the ultimate. Yoga is not about doing things  in order or in straight lines. It’s not a ‘tick box’ experience. You do it the way your body tells you.

That’s why this round mat is so fab. I can do all my sequences, stretches and postures, but in the way I want to. Total yoga.

 Click here to find out more about the original 6ft round yoga mats

These mats are difficult to get hold of here in the UK so you could bring  one home with you if you visit the States, or occaisionally they  also appear on Amazon.

I can also recommend becoming  a member of yoga international  or Grokker who  provide a mixture of classes and articles which are easy to follow at home.



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