Like many families, we’ve been trying to trace our family tree.

Our quest to find out where our ancestors lived took us to Dadford, Buckinghamshire. Dadford is only a mile or so away from Stowe, the site of a famous English public school and National Trust gardens .

The gardens were  designed by famous eighteenth century landscaper Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. It’s in these gardens where my grandfathers’ family worked.
We found Stowe Church. This is not part of the National Trust or school, but can be found just outside of Dadford on the road that passes through the village. It was so small though that we missed it first time round.

Behind the church lies the graveyard. It did not take long to find members of the Johnson family.

My daughter placed a small posey of natural flowers that were growing nearby on the stone of George and Ann Johnson (her great, great, great grandmother and father).

Both pretty and poignant, we thought. A fitting way to mark the grave and acknowledge its place in our personal history.


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