One for sorrow. Two for joy… this bakery lived up to it’s name.

And we know artisan baking is all the rage…

It’s now everywhere allowing everyone to witter on about Sourdoughs, Foccacias and the rest of it.

We took the plunge and ordered a cake from this bakery to celebrate a birthday weekend on the East Coast. We had never been to the bakery before, but liked the website and wanted a celebration cake for our trip to Southwold.

When we turned up to pick up the cake, customers were queuing out of the door.

Their  breads and pastries looked amazing, but nothing compared to the incredible birthday fresh cream and summer fruit genoise sponge cake they created for us.

Who needs Bake off, when you’ve got the real deal on the high street. The good people of Southwold are so lucky.

Click here to find out more about the 2 magpies bakery and cafe in Southwold, Suffolk.

It’s a  great place to grab a take out and head for a picnic on the  beach or take with you on  a walk along England’s ‘Sunrise’ coast.

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