street photography



I know we are not the only family that find it hard to get really good images of our children.

So often when they are young as soon as the camera or phone comes out they are pulling faces, larking around or generally trying to out-do each other.

And of course the older teenagers either give you those dagger eyes and refuse to be part of the family shot, or spend an age trying to get their pose right.

What you want, though, is natural shots that capture the moment.

Our cousin Tony managed this by taking a picture of the back of their heads as they peered into a barber’s shop window in Ripon, Yorkshire.

You can’t see their faces (then again, we’ve all got plenty of those terrible school photo portraits that do that) but it’s a really interesting shot. It draws you in.

Two children. Two very different ages. Both looking different ways. They aren’t even touching. They are absorbed in their own world. But somehow there’s a real togetherness…that’s what families are all about.


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