When I was small our house had a best room. It’s door was usually shut, and it was barely used. It was  reserved for guests or special occasions, like Christmas or high-up visitors.
As such it was always kept in a perfect pristine condition.

Well, times have moved on.

Of course, it’s great to have a room which is welcoming and inviting for any visitors who may pop by. But it should also be equally attractive for every family member, every day. That’s why we created an ‘easy living’ space where anyone in the house can park up on the sofa, relax and do their thing.

This may be on their own or with others around the large coffee table. Creating this kind of space draws family members together and gives them space and the vibe to just hang out together….it’s a kind of coffee shop feeling, in your own home.
… mine’s a cappuccino please!


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