Lymington, is on the south coast, tucked equidistance between Southampton and  Bournemouth. It’s where the New Forest meets the Sea.

And very nice it is too.

One thing we really liked about living there is the sea wall walk that you can take from the harbour all the way to Keyhaven, about four miles in all.

Walking along the wall you get a fantastic sense of space, light and natural beauty. Looking outward you can see the Solent towards the Isle of Wight. On your inside though, there’s a marvellous bird sanctuary where Egrets, Oystercatchers, Lapwings, Avocets, and even Kingfishers can be spotted.

Secret Marsh  by Aimee Durnell captures the area perfectly. The gentle brushstrokes and simple imagery in her illustrations convey the areas natural beauty, ever so well.

Her pictures are available in two books. Every time we look through them, we can imagine ourselves walking on the sea wall again. Warm memories.

Inspired by the books and wildlife in the area we decided to have a go ourselves. These are some our daughter did whilst at Pennington school.


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