Most kids love money. Getting them excited about visiting historic houses is a tad harder.
On a recent trip to north Kent we wanted to go to Winston Churchill’s home at Chartwell near Westerham and then to Down House, Charles Darwin’s home    just a few miles away.

The thought of this does not exactly set our kids on fire.

Then we got our wallets out. Churchill is, of course, on the back of the new five pound note and a large image of Darwin in his old age adorns the current ten pound note.
So, our historic trip went through a sudden rebrand. We announced that we were spending the day ‘following the money’.

Suddenly, the kids perked up and showed a bit more interest.

Of course, they still tried to drag your arm to pull you faster, as you dwelt on an exhibition or studied what – to them – was  an excruciatingly boring display of artifacts. But making the trip relevant to their own lives and experiences made it just a little bit more tolerable.
Of course, they insisted on exploring this new theme further by spending all the money in shops and cafes at both sites. Fair enough.



Down house


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